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As a business owner, I treat my client’s businesses as my own. When things aren’t working the way they need to and in the thralls of growing pains, I can appreciate the uncertainties that can ensue. These are the times when having the right consultant makes all the difference; offering a steady hand, wise counsel, immediate action and availability, truths and reassurances.

We join forces with business owners to not only execute on a particular scope of work, but to really understand what they want the outcome of our efforts to be. We not only commit to the outlined scope of work, but commit to making sure the desired results are actually happening. The proof is in the pudding. 

In being results-driven, we focus on business goals and objectives and finding measurable ways to show improvement. By taking a step back with you and developing those goals, measuring points and ideas on how to get there, we set ourselves up for winning the growth war; not just the battles. 

Given our business approach of being results-driven, we’ve made it a priority to only work on projects we know that we can execute successfully on. We believe in the owners and the team, the product or services and that the collaboration between everyone will lead to a successful outcome. Conversely, you and your team must believe that we are the right fit to help launch your business to the next level. 

With a one-stop-shop approach and range of experience you can have the confidence that we have the capacity to take a holistic approach to problems, solutions and opportunities. The ripple affect is a real thing and making changes in business can have unexpected consequences if not thought through. 

Whether you want to develop an inbound sales approach for your business, automate lead generation/new customer acquisition, reduce employee turnover + increase employee happiness, or any number of business growth activities, we’ve got the expertise you need to deliver the results you’ve been dreaming of. 

Emmitt South

Emmitt South

Emmitt South

Founder & CEO

Emmitt founded South Ventures and is the Principal Consultant. Expertise in business & digital strategy, leadership, employee engagement and operations. He loves all things digital marketing with web design, SEO and paid ad campaigns being sweet spots.

Kelli South

Kelli South

Co-Founder | Web Design & Media

All things creative is where Kelli shines as Co-Founder of South Ventures; chef, baker, blogger and social media marketer. She excels at content creation, social media, photography as well as finding new business opportunities for everyone she works with. 

Travis Lachner

Travis Lachner

Marketing & Creative Director

After starting, growing and selling or automating a number of businesses, Travis can help achieve results quickly. While able to coordinate all aspects of integrated marketing practices, Travis specializes in Strategy, PR, Content, and Email Marketing.

Jack White

Jack White

Brand Designer

Jack is a branding and design ninja. He recently graduated from DePaul University in Chicago, IL with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Grahic Design. Jack helps business owners hone in on their design aestetics and creates beautiful, cohesive branding stlyes and marketing assets.

Our Values

We prioritize transparency, trust and consistency in our relationships and our crafts.


We’re relentless about clear communication and understanding what is expected of us in all of our projects. By creating win-win relationships, maintaining superior client happiness and doing what we say we’re going to do- there’s no reason to hide anything. 


Trust is crucial in maximizing consulting services. The more we are able to understand the intricacies of your business the more value we can bring. 


Consistently delivering, consistent in quality, consistently available at the times you need us most. 

What We Do Best


Paid Ad Management

Lead Generation

Team Training


Web Design

Inbound Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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